advice for your day #6

There are going to be many things that you will encounter in life that will seem impossible to endure and too daunting to even think about. There will be times when you’re scared and doubtful in everything you know.

Be strong through these times. Be brave. Know that you can do it, and that you are good enough. Believe in yourself.


leap of faith

Sometimes I struggle to get the words off my tongue. I long to tell a story so long and great that it leaves you breathless, but I am young, and have experienced so little.

I think my problem is that I try to run before I can walk. I get crazy ideas inside my head and I start off with a rush of exhilaration. I get tingly feelings in the tips of my fingers, and sometimes I feel it in the pit of my stomach; the feeling you get when you’re deciding if you should jump the leap of faith or not.


The beads of sweat trickle down the back of my neck, my palms are sweaty. I am standing on the cliff of change, underneath me is the pursuit of success. I cannot continue unless I fall fully and freely. My heart is in mid air.

the tree that is my soul

I go through these lapses in confidence,

like the waves of the ocean lapping against the shore.

The sun sets and the warmth fades,

and suddenly,

I am left with only my thoughts.

This feeling is rooted in my soul,

and is spreading through the unfilled cracks like a wild fire.

It is dark and I am very aware of the bitter cold.

The tree that is my soul cannot grow.

allow me to reintroduce myself


Hello friends, I know I’m not active a lot on my account, but the only reason is because I am extremely insecure about my writing and my writing ability. I know in order to become a good writer is to let people critique your work, but my self-esteem isn’t up to par yet.

However, I am looking to change that. I love writing, and I want to be good at it. I am going to try and be more brave and not worry about what others think.

So allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Renee Marie, and I am here to write for myself and for you guys, but mostly for myself, because what world would we live in if we lived to please others? Stay tuned for more content.





The cold air devoured the earth we walked on,

leaving the trees bare and the ground frozen and hard.

I clung to you like my warmth depended on it, which in reality, it did.

I could see my breath as I exhaled, your hand clasped mine only tighter as the moisture dissipated in the air.

My lips found yours; they were begging to be warmed up. Pale turned into a throbbing pink as you kissed away the evening.

The wind swirled around my now exposed neck as your tongue traced patterns, making me grip you tighter.

The night was cold but your embrace was warm.

I didn’t know what winter was when I was with you.



“I love you”

Hearing those three little words enveloped me in a warm embrace.

They kissed my bare shoulder and reassured me it would be okay.

Those words tingled as they left the tip of my own tongue.

The daunting words would stay there, adrift in the cold and suspenseful space until devoured by our own mouths, meeting in the middle and closing the space together.


Seasons progress, waves hit the shore, the sun sets.

As two-thousand seventeen dawns, enter with no regrets.

Another year has passed us,

The birds sang their chorus.

The moon eased through each phase,

People lived through their days.

The world endured, and will continue to endure

all through the new year and into the next.