the grand canyon

The sky floated alongside our lonely car. The hillside smoothed over into flat desert land. It was barren. The clouds were sparse and the sun peeked in and out from behind them. Mountains bloomed in the distance, a river flowed alongside. The road ahead was long and empty; it went on for miles and miles. The barren ground went on for as long as the naked eye could see.

We began to climb higher and higher. 4,000 then 5,00, and soon enough we were 6,500 feet above the faraway sea. We were higher than we’ve ever been. We tried in vain to reach the horizon, to touch the sun and the sky. Instead, we arrived at a natural wonder, the Grand Canyon.

Huge. Over-whelming. Breathtaking. The only words to describe it were those. It is almost unreal, the vastness of it, it looked like a picture even when I was standing on the very edge of it. It is hard to believe something that massive exists in the world. It puts life itself into perspective. Insane.