Grunion Run

You picked me up at nine o’clock in the evening. We ventured into the night and drove to Seal Beach in Long Beach, California.

We got there.

We waited.

You held me in your embrace while the cold, crisp air nipped at our cheeks. The beach was quiet and dark.

Eleven o’clock creeped up.

They came. At first, one by one. Then by midnight there were too many to count. These fish called “grunions” were wiggling onto the shore and breeding, creating a new generation.

We laughed. We thought it was insane because it was fish on land.

The night became warm as we sunk our feet into the wet sand.

We were together, with the weird grunion fish, under the moonlight at midnight.


someone special


I tried writing a caption for this photo already but no words can do this justice. I feel that that is what love is; indescribable.

San Francisco

The city was a filled to the summit of the highest skyscraper with culture and history.

I watched my reflection in the fancy buildings walk alongside me as I strolled the downtown streets. There was almost too much to look at; it was such a contrast to where I live now. The hurried pace of always having to be somewhere whisked me off my feet.