Bettering One’s Self

Soka University of America believes that their students should live “contributive” lives, meaning that life should be lived in a way where the way you experience things and the way that you do things every day should capture the essence of your true being. A contributive life is neither solely independent nor dependent; it is a balance.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that if you think positive or negative thoughts you will attract positive or negative experiences. I have always had trouble being positive in life and it is a fatal flaw that has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I want to change that. I firmly believe that the first step to “recovery” or “rehabilitation” is assessment and acceptance. So here I will list where all my negativity starts, and here is where it will hopefully end.

  • I focus too much on material things, such as money, clothes, and likes/dislikes on social media
  • I am a people-pleaser, and I often forget about my own needs in the constant and fatal task of pursuing praise from anyone, whether it be my teachers, parents, or peers
  • I am not very self-confident which leads me to become envious in others
  • I over think, whether it be about the future or the present.

I want to live a contributive life. Here is where I begin.


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