The hardest thing to do is to be yourself. In a world full of followers of the status quo, originality isn’t always taken nicely.

I find it extremely hard to be myself without worrying of what others think. Seeking validation from others has always been my biggest flaw. I have recently started contemplating whether or not I should start a Youtube channel and the only thing stopping me was a small voice in my head saying “people are going to think you’re lame!” Putting yourself out into the world, into the media especially, is a scary thing. I personally find it hard to completely be myself. In the midst of my contemplation however, I had a eureka-moment.

I need to learn that it is beautiful to be who I truly am. I need to learn that humility is apart of life, and that no one is perfect. I need to learn to put my wants and needs before others once in a while and that that’s perfectly okay. Being in your truest form is being vulnerable, and being vulnerable is when real beauty shines through.


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