what do you believe in?

I used to go to church all the time when I was younger. A young girl of Filipino culture is bound to be present in the house of God during her early years.

As I began to get older, however, life got busier, and soon, the weekly visits to church ceased. Recently, I went back due to a request by a close friend. After many years it was very different; everything was smaller as I, was bigger. As I sat through the mass and listened to the priest deliver his sermon, I realized how much I didn’t enjoy being there. I didn’t agree with certain aspects of what he was preaching and too be completely honest, it bored me. I left the church feeling odd.

My friend asked how I enjoyed it. I responded politely; I wasn’t going to tell her that I hated it. “It was okay.” She smiled at me, pleased to have brought me to the mass.

This was a couple weeks ago and since then I have been contemplating what I believe in. This is the conclusion that I came to:

You must believe in something other than yourself. You must have something to live by, whether it be morals or a set of laws made by a religion. You must dedicate your existence to something. If you don’t, what are you living for? We are human and we make mistakes. We will go through heaps and heaps of troubles and self-doubt.We will lose our way and then we will look to the sky in troubled wonderment. “Where do I go from here?” This is a question that will be asked by everyone on the planet and if you don’t believe in anything, what will help you answer that haunting question?

So what do you believe in? It doesn’t have to be God or even a known religion. It could be the universe and all of its beauty. It could be the way the seasons change. It could be the way the moon is always there for the ocean; to help it lick the grainy sand on all the shores all across the globe. It could be the sun, warming your skin and helping new flowers grow. It could be something simple, a short phrase even.

But believe in something; and make sure it’s incredible. Don’t just exist, but live.



advice for your day #5

Mind your own business.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing, focus on yourself, your life will be better if you do.

life goals?

It is so surreal to come so close to a goal you’ve been working towards since you were the age of ten.

Can you imagine it? Being so close you can feel its magnitude on your fingertips and taste the glory on your watering tongue? I can.

This last bit of the journey is so important. Your last burst of strength to pass the finish line. It shows character. To come so close to the ultimate achievement in life is almost heavenly.

After the fact is just as important too. After you have achieved whatever it was you’ve been working so hard for. After you’ve felt on top of the world. After you’ve felt invincible. What you do after is probably the most important of all actually. Do you become complacent in your glory? Do you stop living?

Your answer to the latter question determines who you are and what you are made of.