The City

I traveled down into the city for a couple days and things were different.

I took the train into downtown and I looked around and everyone’s lips were pursed into a straight line.

I walked along the shops and saw at least five homeless people in one block.

The hustle and bustle of the cars, buses, trains, and people were all too much.

It was draining to see all those people with miserable expressions on their faces.

I have come to realize that work and money consume everything it comes close to.

When jobs and work and money and everything in between start to devour someone’s time is when I believe it is too much. Life isn’t made to make a gazillion dollars. Life is for love and adventure and finding out why you were put on this earth. It is for gazing at the stars and breathing in the cold air. Life is for you and only you and you only get once chance. It is your one sole duty to live it fully.


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