I wish I had something to write about. I wish something exciting was happening, something that is worth remembering. I feel like my days are so ordinary; go to school go to soccer practice then go home and then repeat. I want to make something of my youth. I want to say that it was wild.

        Everything in my life right now is being dedicated to the future, but I guess that’s with everything in life. You go to high school and get good grades so you can go to a really good college someday. You want to go to a good college so you can get a really good job someday. You want to get a really good job so that someday, when you’re old and retired, you can sit somewhere and reminisce in all the handwork you did to get where you’re sitting. Is that right?  Is that how life is supposed to be?

         I don’t want it to be like that, because when you’re old an retired, you can’t experience life as you could when you were young and able. I don’t want to look forward to the somedays, I want to look forward to the right now, and I guess the reason why I am writing this is because I needed to remind myself that. I needed to remember that this is all we’ve got. This is our only life and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to dedicate my life right now to “someday”.



One thought on “someday?

  1. This is extremely relatable to my life right now. I’m in a place where I have so many goals and aspirations, but I feel stuck- as if the only way to achieve those goals is by taking expensive college classes and earning a degree. I feel like there’s so much more to life that just the ‘standard way of living’, and I wish it wasn’t so difficult to achieve.

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