12:37 AM


When it is half past midnight and I cannot sleep

It is best to think about the secret treasures of everyday.

Whether it be about the sky and every color it creates

or the way the earth smells in the morning.

Maybe even meeting new people

and shaking different hands.

Smelling flowers and freshly mowed grass,

hearing the ocean.

Realizing that the world is yours to take

and the life you live is the only one you get.

Secret treasures, as small as they can be,

make life incandescently extraordinary.






Summer of 2015 was spent on beautiful beaches and laughs were spent and tears were shed and I lived in the moment


I want to travel. I want to see every nook and cranny of every city. I want to see what this earth has to offer us and I want to breathe the different aires and drink the different waters. It is insane to believe that there is another side of the world; especially if you have never been more than two states away from your home. The planet is so epically gigantic that my mind cannot fathom all that there is to see. But I want to see what I can. I want to see something out of the ordinary and be out of my comfort zone. My biggest fear in life is to live it in a stagnant way.


It’s the middle of my sophomore year and the world is just getting bigger. The classes are hard and the future is even closer, and suddenly the world is too much. I am in the midst of learning to live. I am in the midst of becoming my own person. Only sixteen and I have already discovered passionate likes and dislikes, and I have even contemplated on what I want to do for the rest of my life. Imagine that, only sixteen and the world is beckoning me. I am on my tip-toes, holding my breath before leaping over the edge and into life.